Partner Advisor Program

When done well, Premium Financing can be a tremendous tool for your clients. When executed poorly, it can be irreparably damaging. Don’t put your clients in that position.


Partner Advisor Program

If you have landed on this page, you are likely a successful advisor taking excellent care of your clients. You have built a firm from scratch and achieved a level of success very few advisors ever reach. You are an expert, without a doubt.

But you should not be expected to understand every corner of planning concepts ever created, nor is it worth your time to study and learn. Just as you leverage Signature Portfolios, Private Client Services, or even your own internal team, allow Tooke & Associates to help you capitalize on Premium Finance opportunities to build deeper relationships with your clients and grow your practice.

With over 90% of our career business in premium financing originating through joint work opportunities, we are passionate about being the best resource possible to our colleagues at Northwestern Mutual.


The Consultant Advisor Program

For the advisor that already has a deep understanding of premium financing, life insurance contracts, and trust planning, but would like a resource to help evaluate the options available and recommendations on what might be most valuable to their clients, we can be a great strategic resource.

Operating as your “back-office technician,” we will help determine if premium financing is a good option for your client, design life insurance contract options (including Universal Life and Whole Life), work with the Concierge Planning team in Milwaukee to design trust planning, and provide coaching on communication that needs to happen with the client to help them understand both the risk and the benefits provided by premium financing.


The Partner Advisor Program

If you are looking for a true joint work partner, this program is a better fit for you. Leverage Ken’s 16+ years of experience, relationships and communication skills to help your client understand the value of premium financing.

Ken will quarterback the entire premium finance process, from discovery to implementation, while you focus on maintaining a deep, intentional relationship with your clients. This allows you to truly play the role of the trusted advisor in your clients financial planning, while positioning Ken as a technician and strategic resource to whom your clients only have access because of their relationship with you.

Ken’s ability to communicate these complicated strategies in simple form is likely the difference between your client leaving confused and leveraging a unique strategy that other advisors in the industry don’t even understand. Ken also deeply understands how to “speak the language” of the banker, and has developed key banking relationships that understand the strategies being deployed. Leveraging Ken in his fullest capacity will ensure that the strategies deployed are thoroughly designed, avoiding any compliance issues after implementation.


If you are interested in working with our team, please reach out to Ken personally at: | 765-585-9901

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