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Kenneth Tooke, Tooke & Associates

Launching his practice in 2001, Ken has worked with several different insurance companies throughout the industry and worked with countless clients across the nation. Quickly becoming a leading expert in Premium Financing, Ken aligned his practice with Northwestern Mutual in 2015.

His partnership with Northwestern Mutual gives him access to insurance products of the highest quality, backed by the Fortune 100 Company’s $240B+ asset base (12/31/17).

Ken’s simple but detailed approach to correctly structuring the planning around financing life insurance premiums has been recognized nationally by advisors, executives and clients alike. He is able to leverage key relationships with banking professionals and estate planning attorneys, knowledgeable insight gained through actual experience, and analytical predisposition to help his clients and Partner Advisors leverage the power of premium financing.


Our Philosophy

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, fewer than 50% of consumers trust financial services companies. Frankly, there are certain products and individuals that deserve that kind of treatment. But our mission is to prove that we will gladly earn our clients’ trust through intentional, detailed planning and diligent follow through.

To determine if financing your insurance premiums is the right strategy, you have to look at your options through the lens of a framework we call Live, Die, Quit.

This framework is simple and straightforward. We look at the proposal of premium financing, ask three questions from the perspective of the client, and weigh the outcomes to make a decision.

  1. What happens if I live longer than I expected?
  2. What happens if I die prematurely?
  3. What happens if I want to exit (or quit)?

If you can honestly assess the benefits and risk associated with the answers to these questions, and finance your life insurance premiums still seems to be an attractive option, then it should likely be pursued. If you ask these questions and the risk seems too high, then premium financing will not be a good fit.

Honest evaluation and simple communication is our commitment to all those we serve.



If you are interested in working with our team, please reach out to Ken personally at:


Kenneth.Tooke@nm.com | 765-585-9901


Kenneth John Tooke II
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